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Saturday, 31 July 2010


Time is a commodity which is wasted by many but is so scarce and precious to us all. There would be a time when I lived on the Internet, I had no job and no prospects in life and found the ability to immerse yourself in the Internet a great relief and escape from where I was at the time.

Now things are different, you have moments in the shower when you think to your self "Wouldn't it be great to be connected with a million people around the world." . Without actually thinking the process through.

May well explain that at the end of day 1, I have 35 Facebook friends and 2 members on my blog log. total 37. If I continued to gain 37 connections a day it would take over 27,000 days to reach one million connections which is just over 74 years.

Now the plan is to do it in one year and so I would have been expected to get 37 connections by 12.17pm GMT yesterday some 17 mins into the project.

Can you see a down side to the plan?

But undeterred I will continue but work and life are still an important aspect this is not real after all and so will be dealt with in its place as a hobby.

It may take a bit longer than planned that's all but at present the goal is still a year away. Not giving up on day one on the target.

Friday, 30 July 2010

The Stats behind getting a Million connections...

A million connections may well seem a lot, but much like eating an elephant it is best tackled by not looking at the whole but saying to yourself. "Which is the best way to eat an elephant?" The answer ... A mouthful at a time.

So here is the break down we have 365 days until 30 July 2011 that is some 8760 hours and that equates to 525600 minutes so if I got two connections a minute I would smash the million connections marker.

it works out at 2740 connections needed a day or 114 per hour.

The control time will be today Friday 30th July at 12pm UK time and connections will be accepted friends on Facebook, Followers on Twitter or followers of this blog, or any other medium used during the next year. A connection will be counted as someone who has made an effort to accept a request or has themselves wished to link to myself.

Now I know that means a person could be connected with me more than once (ie thru a facebook account and twitter and elsewhere) But the goal is to get a million connections.

I think it could well be an interesting adventure during the next year. Who knows what will happen, but it will be interesting to find out what does happen.

One small step...

My very first connection and we are a matter of minutes into this. Thank you to Gregory Midgley the first person to accept the friend request and the first to start towards the goal of a million connections. One down, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine to go. Thats a lot of nines....

Will busy myself over the next hour or so logging this site in different search engines, setting up the account on facebook and twitter and other means of getting connections but for the time being it is always good to find that first connection.

One Million Connections

One Million Connections. That is how many connections with people I want by this time next year. Whether it be via Facebook, Blogger or Twitter or any online means.

It will take some doing, but if you don't give it a go how would you know if it is possible.