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Friday, 3 September 2010


Since swapping to my new shift pattern, my perception of time and space has drifted into a three day cycle. I have to convince myself as to which day of the week it is. So to me today is not Friday it is DAY 2. midway point of my three days off. I have been looking on at my shift schedule for next year seeing where I can take holidays to extend the three days off especially when work days fall onto Sundays when my lass is off. unfortunately I work 26 Sundays and get 25 days holiday. So a lot of planning needed plus no other separate holidays can be taken. Oh well I will have a cunning plan.

I have been wandering this morning and after looking at I remembered it is the Euro Millions tonight so must have myself a go. Well not that I must it isn't a new English law that everyone must take part. But it is the quickest way I will get the money so me and my lass can move to the Shetlands, and I will need plenty of money to convince our lass it is a good move.

If I get chance there is also another bet I will be putting on tomorrow, it is a a lucky 15 correct score bet for four football matches tomorrow. I try and find four games where I think they will fail to score. I then put a minimum of 10 pence per bet if you can put a pound a bet you will get more back. you are covering 15 bets four times singles then the doubles, trebles and the one fourfold. thus lucky 15 times what ever you stake.

Considering all football games start nil nil you at least start off a winner it is just your teams choices to lose. so if only one of the four matches ends nil nil you get your money back, as nil nil correct scores normally offer 8/1 and a lot of bookies will pay out double if you go for lucky 15 bets. if two win you get double your money and if you find four nil nil results and you placed a 15 pound total bet (15 x £1) you could win back around 9 grand.

It makes it a  lot more interesting watching the results as they come in on a Saturday afternoon hoping the games you picked remained goal less.

What do you think ?

Connections have reached 566 and thanks to new found friends on the net I am finding many more places to get connections. Happy days no matter which number it may be.

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