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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Walking through a field of angels

In a bid to get fit, a bid which is in all honesty to little to late, I walked to work yesterday. It was great because being a bank holiday it was still quiet as everyone was sensibly still in bed or relaxing as they didn't have to go to work.

Whilst on my way to work I come across a field filled with white feathers and they had blown over a good 200 metre strip of verge. Now our lass always laughs at me. as I say that seeing a white feather means there is an angel around looking over you and it will bring you good luck. To which she replies "It means a bird has lost its feather."

So imagine my delight as I walk through thousands of white feathers. If I had been near a newsagents I would have bought a lottery ticket. How did my day go? Well apart from the usual abuse from customers who cant get what they feel they should have no matter what they have knowingly signed up to and tied themselves in with. It was a pretty poor day. Our lass is a little down due to not being well, and other members of the family have a knack of dragging you down as they weigh their expectations on you for what they want themselves.

I thought just for one moment is this angel thing any good. There was no miracle day, no great wonderful surprise. But sometimes it is not until you haven't got what you have that you miss it. I should be grateful of being able to go to work, having my health and strength and a lass that I love, and if my angels can help to guide me to keep on the right path for this to stay in place then I will be truly happy.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Another day another dollar.

With great speed my three days off have come to an end, all the hopes of jobs to be completed around the house and garden dissappeared into smoke as I watched the telly far more than I should. Now I have three days of work to look forward to.

Today is a Bank holiday in the UK so it may well not be as busy where I work as a majority of the people will not think that I am working. On the otherhand the type of customer I ger call up on a bank holiday is usually more narked and determined and so not the casual passing trade you might get at any other time.

If you was a happy go lucky sort of person, would you think to phone up and complain about something at around 8.30am on a Sunday morning? No you wouldn't. So today will be like one long sunday morning filled with moaners and chancers and the occassional numpty wondering why they haven't had what they wanted delivering today because the computer systems didn't tell the sellers on Friday, so they gave todays date and now the customer is narked because they haven't got what they wanted.

At the end of the day though it is a job, and no matter how much miss placed anger I have to face. I get paid to sit on my arse and talk to people. Easy enough job don't you think?

Returning to the blog, the connections have gone up again and have gone well past the 500 today the blog is one month old. so yippee.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

A little bit down today.

Yesterday I explained (probably not in a PC way) that I was as happy as a special person standing under a glitter ball watching the dancing lights move around me.

Today I feel like someone has switched off that glitter ball. It seems people greed for money has got into every area of sport, turning our national game into nothing better than American wrestling. There is many parts of cricket which is being destroyed by modernism. But it is good to hark back to a time when the finer things in life came before anything else, and life had to have a structure of lunch then tea. Applauding a player for a fine display. But now it is a loud disco and lager louts singing.

Lets hope they get the reports of match fixing sorted and at some point somebody has a sense of decency to sort life out full stop. You have politicians with a do as I say not do as I do mentality as they rob the public of as much money as possible.

Oh dear I could really be stood on this soap box for a while, lets end with some good news my connections has gone past 500.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

What I am upto today....

I have one ear and an eye on the test cricket because England have incredibly turned around certain defeat at 102-7 then they make a world record eighth wicket stand and finally dismissed just after lunch on 446. Pakistan now come into bat are already 10 runs for three wickets.... So I am very happy. There is football this afternoon and grand prix racing tomorrow so there is so many shiny things around to distract me I am like a special person standing under a glitter ball.

But I have been putting a little time into today. I have joined blogged yesterday and have gained 5 followers for myself and you can click the link and follow the blog yourselves if you like.

I have also been catching up with comments Thanks to Doug for the kind comment of thinking this was an interesting idea. Must admit the blogclicking is to do nothing more than try and bring more folks thru the blog. It is no good having an idea if no one sees it.

For Allen I have added you button bottom right and others want to view his site click here
Sorry if thats not what you meant but you do have an interesting site and would advise anyone to pop by to have a look.

Finally since starting this blog I have been popping by Ropcorns blog be interesting to see how she progresses as we started our ideas at the same time. It is good to view into someones life and what interests them especially folks from other countries. Want to look at her blog click here

Back to the cricket hoping for more wickets.

Friday, 27 August 2010

How about this for an offer?

I need to people to join the blogclicker site, which you can do by clicking the banner above this post. Each person that joins gains me a 100 credits I thus get more visitors to the blog.

What do you get in return, well the chance for yourself to get visitors like I am getting as well.

On top of that I will feature any person who joins by posting an article about their blog or site with a direct link.

What do you think ?

If you do join up, let me know which ID you joined up with and an url for the site you wish me to write the article about and promote on this blog.


 Thank you to cigar poet he is the latest one to join the blog clicker site from my banner. It got me a 100 credits which helped me get more visitors to the site.

If you too would like a thank you and a link put on this blog it is very simple just click on the blogclicker banner and get yourself joined up. It is a win win situation as you also get the chance to get your own people join thru your own banner scheme and thus get more visitors.

Thanks again to cigarpoet


If there is one thing in life I hate most of all, it is form filling. I don't mind filling out a form the first time. But sometimes if you have multiple applications you find yourself having to repeat the same information again and again. Why can't you just copy and paste the same info everywhere.

Why am I on about this? It is because I have just joined some new blog directories. The buttons for said directories are down the side.

I had the same angst when I was applying for jobs. I had my CV very neatly typed out and including every bit of information you could ever need to know about me. Yet you still had to fill out the companies very own forms. Even now which I am still at a lost to figure out why. If I want a transfer within my own company I have to fill out a form and include my CV and I can't use the company I work for as a reference ???? What da FOK. So I have worked for you for two years, without time off or absense and have recevied various recommendations and thanks for the job I do. Yet I can't use any of that if I wish to transfer to another department within the same company. go figure.

As for online forms. I live in ENGLAND it is part of the UK but very much its own country and to be honest if you do want to lump us all together I would prefer Great Britain at least we would be nearer to the top of countries.

OK moan over and back to more form filling.

P.S. good news is the blog should reach 500 connections soon not bad for the first month.


Three days off from work means I can now re join the real world. I have the greatest hits of THE POLICE playing on the stereo (the inspiration for this blog) and the sun is shining outside. Could only be happier if our lass was here as well (but she finishes work at 2pm so not to long till then).

Connections are still being made, even whilst I have been away. So off to count them up and make new links with other sites and blogs.

Hope my readership is as happy as well. 

Monday, 23 August 2010


I need to boost a couple of areas in the next few days. The first is blogclicker as the five people who have joined up and allowed me to get 500 credits and drive people to my site is running out.

So would you like to get people to your own blog or site and help me in the process.

Click the banner at the top of the page and read all about it. It is FREE to join and I gain a 100 credits which can be used to bring folks to this blog.

Below is a link to a site which greatly increased my Twitter followers, I used it yesterday and grew from 6 to 94 in a matter of minutes If you use the link I think it boosts the number of followers for me again.

So help yourself to help me

Thank you

Sunday, 22 August 2010

WOW this really worked on twitter.

I Have just jumped from 6 followers up to 94 in a matter minutes.

Now if you read the previous post that has taken about 8o years off the project...

Slowly but surely

The number of connections grows on a daily basis but no where near as fast as I thought it was going to. At the current rate of connections per day it will take me over 182 years to reach one million connections.

You can see the problem with it taking 182 years, I might have just lost interest at some point. Plus I have no son and air to pass down the project too.

"Here son, I want you to continue my project to connect with a million people"

I am guessing it will be a much better legacy than an old DVD collection or collection of fridge magnets.

We are fast approaching 400 connections and the best site so far is mybloglog if people who pass by have any good suggestions of sites to join, drop me a comment and I will take a look.

In the mean time have a laugh at Ross Noble. He is a very funny comedian and this is something I found on my internet travels.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Everyday you find something new
I would like to thank the above blog not only are they the 26th follower of this blog and my 315th connection but they helped me find the little yellow widget on the right hand side. So people can quickly connect with me.

It is good to explore other peoples blogs and sites as you simply don't have the time yourself to find these things.

Work as always is getting in the way of real life, it is Day 2 of my three on so this is as much time as I will be spending on here. But a big thank you to all those who continue to connect and leave messages in my absence.

Soon be the weekend and time will spent connecting with more people.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


I have been tinkering with the blog and if you notice there is now four tabs at the top which keep you updated on how to connect with myself and how many connections I have so far, with a little explanation as to why I am doing this.

I must admit it has been slower process than what I had hoped but that in the main is down to myself. I have been busy with work and when I have been off I have been busy with the real world. So I can't really complain.

I would like to thank

By joining blogclicker for free you helped get me 500 credits and have driven around 200 people to my blog, SO FAR!. It was all free and if you want to know more about it just click the banner at the top of the page.

Still looking for more social networking sites to join so please leave a comment with your suggestions.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Which site should I join next?

Any ideas folks on which site I should join next to gain some more connections ?

I have just finished my three days on work, so my life is now my own for the next three days. Whilst I have been away the connections have only slowly risen. But blogclicker has really done a good job, for anyone wanting traffic it has brought me in 50 people a day and I haven't even been here.

Click on the BLOGCLICKER BANNER at the top of the page to see more, of all the things I have used so far that has been the best.

So all ideas in the comment section please.

I am off to make a cup of tea.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


For the second day running this blog is a hot blog on mybloglog and my member account has now become a hot member. Both of these actions have created a lot of responses and has helped increase the connections. At present the number of connections is up to 207 and clicks thru to the blog are also increasing as well.

Thanks to those who have connected so far. Yes there is still a long way to go, but the only way you will get to a destination is to be on the road traveling towards it.


You will see from the button near the top of the page that it is advertising the services of blog clicker. Now you will read testimonials of people on other sites saying "This service or that service was great " or " How revolutionary it was for them " But I have nothing to gain and I am not being paid to say this. But Blog clicker has worked or shall I say it has done exactly what it said on the tin ( I guess you have to be from the UK to appreciate the advert.)

It is free to join and if you join through that button I get a 100 credits which then allows this blog to appear on other blogs and get people to click through to here. You can pay for the service if you wish. But I won't be spending a single penny on this blog so have found the free service to be sufficient.

The traffic has increased by quiet a lot and I have been rewarded by the credits for those who have clicked through. So if you wish to try it, then press the button and see what you think. You can then get your own button and then start earning your own credits for people you put through. I also get secondary credits as the people you recommend become my line 2 referrals and so I get a little something for them as well. Happy clicking.

As for Face book I will keep this short and sweet. I have only asked to befriend people they recommended or people I have met on my travels and after only two weeks they have restricted my account. This from a site which delves into your email and computer to suggest friends and to find information about you. They are saying for the integrity of the service they don't want people who have not had every single friend request accepted.

Well I am sorry but I don't like a service where every game you play you are having to tell them every bit of information you loaded onto the site about yourself and your friends so they can advertise to them. It was going to have it's limitations anyway as you could only have 5,000 friends so I am going to concentrate on promoting the group or company link in which folks can like it, but over time might drop this for something else.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Yes you read it right, this blog is officially hot stuff. According to mybloglog this blog has become one of their HOT communities. It has helped bring a surge of people thru to the blog and increased the chances of connections.

It is something I must thank all the people who have become members over the past couple of weeks, it is thanks to them that this blog has become HOT stuff.

Hopefully over the coming days and weeks it should help push the connections up significantly.


Monday, 9 August 2010


I must admit that I think too much and do too little.

I work three on three off and find when I am on the ON cycle of work it envelops what I do and think. I have tried to get onto this project from work but I have realised that to really make a genuine success of this in the time scale I have given it, it would have to be a full time project.

It does not mean I have given up on my goal simply I have realised the size of the task.

It is a great distraction to visit other peoples blogs and sites. You get a glimpse into someones world in which you can't just view by looking at someone as they walk by. To view written words you delve into the quietness of a look and feel the essence of what is within that person. On the other hand you see a lot of people who are wishing to make money without actually doing any work, good luck to them but the fastest way to make a buck is to actually do some physical work and not hope everyone will click your adsense adverts.

But we all have our own dreams and it is not for me to diminish theirs. I myself would be proud to be connected to a million other people but what practical sense does it make? How will it improve my life and of those around me ? I have my own addictions in life, to gamble and to eat. Both of which are vices which give you very short term pleasure and long term anguish. To focus on something else is what may help break them vices. So that is what I will gain.

So what do you gain from the internet or from what you have decided to do?

Thursday, 5 August 2010

100 Connections only another 999,900 to go

74 facebook friends 2 followers of the blog 20 contacts on my blog log and 4 followers from my blog log total 100.

It may be a steady start but I always think of the story about the Chinese man who asked to be paid in rice for a job which he did for the emperor. he suggested that on day one he would be given one grain of rice. Then on day two that would be doubled to two and then on day three it would be double to four grains of rice and then on day four doubled to eight and so on until the emperor run out of rice.

The emperor of course laughed thinking that the man would be working forever for a few grains of rice. It was only a matter of weeks before the Chinese peasant had all the grains of rice in China. The doubling effect only needed a short time before he could claim millions of grains of rice.

The reason for the tale, is much like this blog the first few contacts will be hard to find and it will take time to get people to connect. But when the blog is established and I have got to a critical mass of a few thousand I can imagine that the blog will almost be self feeding and the last 900000 people will be easier to add than the first 100000.

Get yourself many followers on Twitter

Follow this link and it will help you find followers for your twitter page.

Things you find on your travels

 I have been using my time off to find different ways to link the blog to other sites and web ideas across the net. Blog clicking and tweet feeds have been joined and promotions in various other ways.

But then I came across this and found it so funny that I had to share it. Just how serious a crime has some one had to commit to be then forced to dance to old 80s records.

Watch and enjoy.

Oh and connect with me and become one of the one million.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


For every two clicks you make you get a click in return from other members. If you wish to join your blog up to the site use the above link and you earn me 100 credits and a big thank you. You can also then get your own link and start promoting it yourself.

A very good scheme for sharing and promoting your own blog.

Click the link above and find out more


Since starting the project this is the first time I have actually sat down for any reasonable length of time to see what I can do to promote the project.

The connection count at the moment stands at 75 but considering no effort has been afford as of yet it is amazing I have any connections at all.

It is fascinating to see into other folks lives thru the power of Facebook and you delve into internet worlds you would have not glimpsed if it wasn't for seeking out the new connections.

Thank you to all those who have connected so far. Onwards and upwards to more connections.