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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Don't try and grate cheese with a MR T action figure.

I always seem to choose the wrong words at the right time, and our lass is always very good at picking out a different meaning out of what I have said. Then again I always seem to create trouble out of nowhere seemingly so easily.

Yesterday I forgot what day it was. Working three on three off really throws you, you are then dispatching orders for customers so you talk about different days and then we had a surprise meeting at work I seemed to have lost the plot. I suddenly thought yesterday was Wednesday thus our lass would have been at work and so when I had my break I didn't bother texting due to the fact she wouldn't have been able to read them.

It was only after four hours of silence from myself that our lass sent me a text asking if I was alright as she hadn't heard from me. Now our lass was already down from recent events with her family and now felt I had forgotten about her. My reason must have seemed like one of the lamest excuses imaginable. "Sorry luv I thought it was tomorrow and you were at work"

It didn't go down to well to say the least and it was not until this morning that the incident was finally forgiven. Whilst laying in bed we were talking about various things and I said about the time I grated a large block of cheese for sandwiches my mam were making for a big wedding and I said I got a Mr T figure for it. To which our lass replied must have been a bit difficult grating the cheese with a MR T action figure.

This is what I love about our lass the ability to find the funny thing in all situations. well nearly all apart from when I forget what day it is.

Today is DAY 1 of time off and the connections reached so far has gone past 600 so thank you for those who have connected and a thank you to those who connect in the future, help me get towards the million connections.

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