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Friday, 8 October 2010

112 million pounds eurolottery JAKCPOT. IS IT OBSCENE?

Well tonight is a super rollover of the euro millions lottery and the jackpot has reached 112 million pounds that is approx 130 million euros and 180 million yankee dollars. All in all it is a huge amount of money If someone wins from the UK they will probably make it into the top 500 rich list. So whilst others make the list by aptitude or skill one person could jump straight in by being luck.

But should one person win all that money? Why not spread the fortune have 112 new millionaires or even better still give 100,000 pounds to 1,120 people.

Now would I refuse the prize on principle if I was to win tonight. Hell no. I might have a conscience but I also have a brain who would refuse such a prize. Well maybe a wise man would. I spent 50 hours in total on a coach to Italy and back with our lass. I said that was test of our relationship I think being the owner of such a fortune would test it even further.

Who indeed would be your true friend? Would they befriend you or your money? Who exactly could you tell? I would prefer just for me and my lass to know and no one else in the family. But would that cause tension? I don't want begging letters neither would I want Sunday paper tittle tattle from people who have wild imaginations which sells papers but destroys lives as everyone would sell a story about you.

As for the money just how many houses and holidays could you possibly have? Wouldn't you want to do good with the money? I don't know if you have seen the 80s American show HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN but if I had the money I wouldn't mind going from place to place helping those in need. Helping charities, not by splashing money straight onto them but by staying with them as one of them and then purchasing the things they really need so the money wasn't lost in administration to pay for people to collect the money they want. (I hat that in charities).

So God! If you read my blog this is my promise to you if you let me win the lottery tonight I will dedicate my time to help those less fortunate and spread the wealth. ( I sound like a beauty queen now ) AGRHHH!

But I do feel that such an amount of money could do much more spread around than ruining the life of one person.

Anyone want a couple of lottery tickets as not sure now if I want to win?

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