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Friday, 22 October 2010


It has been a fraught week for our lass and myself to try and get a computer that works and after a weeks trying and two IMACs later, our lass still has no working computer and her old G4 has crashed so she is Apple(less).

I on the other hand have a perfectly working (touch wood) computer. Which set up and ready to go in minutes.

So it begs the question.

Are Apple products really that great?

I work for a mobile phone company and the desire of people to own the latest apple I phone is so great they will pay hundreds of pounds to get out of contracts, yet another hundred pound for the product itself and then sign up for a two year deal which will cost them a grand if not more.

But why?

Is it brand or product, is Apple the Nike of the mobile and computer world. It is seen as am elusive item and because of sleek design it covers over some flaws of design. Anyone who had the Apple I phone 4 and just happened to be left handed found that out to their cost. When the top dog at Apple was promoting his new product he had to ask everyone to switch theirs off so he could demonstrate it due to the product not working with to many trying to work off the wifi at once. This would have been a fatal blow to a products career yet Apple brush it aside.

For myself me and my lass have tried and failed twice to get a IMAC the first was an ex display so can be forgiven for having a faulty screen where the pixels were fading a damaged. But the second one was brand new just out of the box and never been touched.

It's fault came apparent straight away a pixel had gone in the bottom right hand corner. We thought it was just a tiny dot and it would not detract from the item itself as you could hardly notice it. We proceeded to load the product up and set it ready for our lass. The screen then flickered when you went onto the internet and the very next day the dot had grown in the corner.

If you spend £1,200 on anything you expect perfection, so back it went to the store and refund given. So at present my own experience with apple product is not good. I have family member who would never touch apple phones as in the past the old phones seem to just crash without warning and not last the two years you have to sign up to pay for them.

So is it really that great?

What are your own experiences?

I myself have nearly convinced our lass to get a much cheaper and equally good windows 7 computer so that is one less devotee to Apple.

1 comment:

  1. I am not a fan of Apple products. iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac... etc. I don't even really like quicktime on my windows computer but it's necessary for a lot of things I do. Also a lot of what I do on a computer is either harder to do on a mac or not even available, or if it is available it doesn't work at it's full potential. Heck I don't even really care for windows and use Linux most of the time, but find myself going back to windows for it's ease and simplicity.
    Next computer will mainly run Linux and have windows as second. Mac, well the trendy people can keep that for themselves. Never liked 'em even when my mom was on a mac obsession I always chose the PC over it.