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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

How not to improve staff morale

First day back at work yesterday after my holidays and it seems I have missed all the action. Next time I go on holiday I will be putting a general email out to everyone telling them that there will be some impending doom.

In most of my previous jobs each time I took a holiday the companies I worked for have either sacked a lot of people or layed them off. I had gone to Whitby once and when I came back found only myself and two others working in what had been a full office in my previous job. It seems on the Friday they had split all the workers into two groups and those who had a job went into one room and those who didn't crowded into another. One room was exceedingly more full than the other and lets say they wasn't very happy. I not soon after left and got my current job.

I go to Italy to return and find out that they are getting rid of 1200 supposedly duplicated jobs and have made everyone above manager role redundant and asked them to reapply for their old jobs. You have a 90 day notice if you win your job back you stay if not you are made redundant you will find out just before Christmas.

This of course has made the whole workforce extremely uneasy. Luckily it doesn't directly effect me, but it does in the fact that the bosses now are worrying for their own jobs.

You do wonder is there a better way of organising life and those in business ? Why do we pay certain people benefits just to stay at home but tax others to the hilt and then make them worry about their own financial security?

I personally would scrap benefits of any sort to anyone and ensure we all fend for ourselves you would truly find out who could work and who couldn't.

As for my work place this Christmas could be a happy one as you have to apply to see if you get your own job back or one of A new horizon.... YO HO HO !!!

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