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Friday, 15 October 2010

Well, I bought two new computers.

I had no intention of doing so and it seems when me and our lass go out we should go with some sort of security guard to ensure we don't just buy things.

Yesterday we went to go and get a charcoal drawing of ourselves framed. The drawing was done by a street artist in Venice and is very funny so once framed will have pride of place in the dining room. But we still had time and it was good to be out together as we are normally in different time zones work wise. We just never seem to be off together at the same time. Anyways. we go and have a look at kitchens and bathrooms because our lass is practical like that. We come home with a new I mac computer for our lass and a new windows 7 based computer for me so I can play the PC games our lass got us for my birthday.

We do have history of going out for one thing and then coming back with something completely different. one day we went out for milk and came back with a brand new sofa. Then after a weekend in Whitby we bought a new car on the way back. Now before you send begging letters thinking we are millionaires. neither of us smoke and we drink little and apart from the holidays and selected nights out we don't spend much. So when we do it is to feather the nest. Even yesterdays purchase earned us vouchers with Tesco because I used the interest free card to buy them and then make sure I pay it back in the year.

So we are not unfortunately rich but we are careful. So our lass has to figure out how to save all her photos and I have spent most of last night and this morning trying remember passwords for every site I ever been on as I always ask the computer to save them and as I use a different password for each site. There may well be a few sites I will either have to rejoin or never go to again.....

But I do love it, as I now have a mouse and not the slab of plastic which may be cool but is bloody irritating to use when you want to right click and copy and paste. Plus with the new computer everything is faster.

So whoppee.....

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