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Monday, 9 August 2010


I must admit that I think too much and do too little.

I work three on three off and find when I am on the ON cycle of work it envelops what I do and think. I have tried to get onto this project from work but I have realised that to really make a genuine success of this in the time scale I have given it, it would have to be a full time project.

It does not mean I have given up on my goal simply I have realised the size of the task.

It is a great distraction to visit other peoples blogs and sites. You get a glimpse into someones world in which you can't just view by looking at someone as they walk by. To view written words you delve into the quietness of a look and feel the essence of what is within that person. On the other hand you see a lot of people who are wishing to make money without actually doing any work, good luck to them but the fastest way to make a buck is to actually do some physical work and not hope everyone will click your adsense adverts.

But we all have our own dreams and it is not for me to diminish theirs. I myself would be proud to be connected to a million other people but what practical sense does it make? How will it improve my life and of those around me ? I have my own addictions in life, to gamble and to eat. Both of which are vices which give you very short term pleasure and long term anguish. To focus on something else is what may help break them vices. So that is what I will gain.

So what do you gain from the internet or from what you have decided to do?


  1. Thinking is what keeps the mind alive. It keeps your brain in tip-top shape .Without thinking your mind will wither and die and your body will follow shortly after.
    Distractions are another thing. We get distracted when we dont like what we are doing; being our job, having a conversation that doesnt interest us and so on.

  2. Depends on what's on your mind. If it helps you grow or makes you feel good, then it's cool. But if it gives you stress or drives you crazy, then you're thinking too much.