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Wednesday, 11 August 2010


You will see from the button near the top of the page that it is advertising the services of blog clicker. Now you will read testimonials of people on other sites saying "This service or that service was great " or " How revolutionary it was for them " But I have nothing to gain and I am not being paid to say this. But Blog clicker has worked or shall I say it has done exactly what it said on the tin ( I guess you have to be from the UK to appreciate the advert.)

It is free to join and if you join through that button I get a 100 credits which then allows this blog to appear on other blogs and get people to click through to here. You can pay for the service if you wish. But I won't be spending a single penny on this blog so have found the free service to be sufficient.

The traffic has increased by quiet a lot and I have been rewarded by the credits for those who have clicked through. So if you wish to try it, then press the button and see what you think. You can then get your own button and then start earning your own credits for people you put through. I also get secondary credits as the people you recommend become my line 2 referrals and so I get a little something for them as well. Happy clicking.

As for Face book I will keep this short and sweet. I have only asked to befriend people they recommended or people I have met on my travels and after only two weeks they have restricted my account. This from a site which delves into your email and computer to suggest friends and to find information about you. They are saying for the integrity of the service they don't want people who have not had every single friend request accepted.

Well I am sorry but I don't like a service where every game you play you are having to tell them every bit of information you loaded onto the site about yourself and your friends so they can advertise to them. It was going to have it's limitations anyway as you could only have 5,000 friends so I am going to concentrate on promoting the group or company link in which folks can like it, but over time might drop this for something else.

Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. Nice to know, I will have to try out BlogClicker myself. As for the FB thing, yeah have to agree with you there. Thanks for the info.